The Source for The Superior Ingredients Needed to Produce Professional Pastries, Candies, Desserts and Chocolates

For over 20 years, the culinary world has kept some of their best ingredients a secret. But not any more. Now you can have these superior ingredients shipped directly to you.

These desserts look like they were made by a professional with years of culinary experience don't they? Actually, they were made by some of our customers; people with a passion for pastry who were free to experiment with flavors, design and presentation because they used some of the preparations and ready made ingredients found here. Don't spend your time working on the base ingredients, let your inner pastry chef free and create your own fabulous confections.

Chocolate Raspberry Cake made using Raspberry Mousse preparation and Dark Fondant.

Double Chocolate Mousse Cake made using the One Step Chocolate Mousse preparation and the One Step White Chocolate Mousse preparation.

Traditional Creme Brulee made using Creme Brulee Powder preparation. A fraction of the time, all the flavor. Add your favorite flavoring.

Fruit Tart made using prebaked pastry shells, Cold Process Pastry Cream preparation and Apricot Glaze.

Chocolate Mousse Cake made using One Step Chocolate Mousse preparation, and Cocao Noel Royale Couverture

Strawberries covered using tempered Cacao Noel, White , Milk and Grand Couvertures with contrasting chocolate for decoration.

Bananas coated with tempered Cacao Noel, Dark Non Tempering Chocolate and rolled in chopped toasted nuts.

Coconut macaroons created using 50% Almond Paste and Cacao Noel tempered Royale 64% Couverture