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For over 20 years, the culinary world has kept some of their best ingredients a secret. But not any more. Now you can have these superior ingredients shipped directly to you.

Fabulous desserts, pastries and chocolate candies don't have to be intricate or complicated. Often the more simple they are, the better. What they do need, is to be made from superior ingredients; the ingredients you'll find here. These are the same ingredients that top chefs use in restaurants, bakeries and fine chocolate shops.

Our store proudly offers Cacao Noel Couvertures. Cacao Noel is the brand of chocolate used to create exquisite desserts on the QE2. It is also used at many exclusive resorts, hotels, casinos and restaurants around the world. So, browse through the site and the store. You'll find ideas, suggestions and recipes for using this superior chocolate to make superb desserts, beautiful pastries and delicious chocolate candies. You'll see that making pastries, and desserts doesn't have to take hours. Make the holidays special by giving handmade chocolate candies for gifts.

Sure, you can get high quality chocolate at fine gourmet stores, but you're going to pay over $10 a pound. And how often have you wished for an easier, neater way to use chocolate than chopping from those giant slabs? Besides the mess and loss of product, ever try to effectively wrap one of those things back up again? Not an easy task. Through the years I've found that it's much easier, quicker, neater and I get better results using Cacao Noel chocolate buttons. Cacao Noel buttons melt evenly, which makes tempering easier. They are simple to weigh and require no time to chop or clean up after. There is no product loss from the chopping process and the bag recloses for easy storage.

Go ahead and make a special dessert for your next dinner party. Make pastries for your child's school bake sale. Have a chocolate dipping party for you child's birthday celebration, or make batches of candies for gift giving or for sale. It's all easier now.